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UIT. Designtalent op Fashionclash (Bilzen) – Het Nieuwsblad

UIT. Designtalent op Fashionclash (Bilzen) – Het Nieuwsblad.

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October-1947--Women-at-wo-001Working at the rock face of fashion I have realised that very few people actually know how the modern clothing business truly works, particularly in terms of cost..and therefore profit.

Researching a visual to explain things quickly I came across the website of Everlane, who produced the following pictures..



The aim behind the pictures was to illustrate how consumers are ‘ripped off’ along the chain of events that leads to a designer purchase.  But is it entirely accurate?

From make to wholesaler = 224% margin

From Wholesaler to retailer = 333% margin.

Which are big margins – but the diagram doesn’t explain them – the margins do represent a percentage of the profit but it’s only a percentage not the full whack.  The margins are also required to cover other costs:

Further shipping,  more transport, import duties, administration, design time, development, currency exchange, banking fees, marketing, loss leaders, pattern…

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What Poppy wore (28/05/2013)

new outfit to school...

new outfit to school…

what Poppy wore DSC07523

... and consistently refusing to lose the thumb.

… and consistently refusing to lose the thumb.

New addition to my shop! Coming soon

I have been rummaging in my stash of stuff I  accumulated throughout the years. These plastic earrings came in a big bag of broken costume jewellery and beads I once bought in a thrift store. It had just come in and the lady was somewhat relieved when I offered to buy the whole bag. It saved her from going through the whole thing and separating the good from the bad. I have been in two minds about what to do with those big yellow plastic circles. When in doubt : keep it simple. So I covered them in crochet to give ’em a brand new look. I have three pairs. Coming to my shop soon !

earrings crochet earrings

recycled crochet earrings

recycled crochet earrings

What Poppy wore. (15/05/2013)

recent find

Poppy Louise is wearing : culottes (Quincy) found in a thriftstore
longsleeved tee (mambo tango)
sleeveless sweater (slightly pimped thriftstore find)

Poppy wearing trhiftstore find

Poppy getting ready for school

Poppy getting ready for school